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Balloon Tallinn received Tourist Award of the Year


7th October 2014
Balloon Tallinn received Tourist Award of the Year

On 2nd October, Tallinn acknowledged the most prominent entrepreneurs and entrepreneurships at a formal awards ceremony during Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day 2014 that took place already for 11th time. Tourism Award of the Year was given to Balloon Tallinn.

“Our project has received so much positive feedback among local as well as foreign clients. From the beginning of June until the end of summer season we made altogether 2100 passenger flights! Being honored with this year’s tourism award and being acknowledged by Tallinn city gives so much energy to continue with the same passion during the upcoming seasons,” said Sigre Luts, Balloon Tallinn operator Lennulaev OÜ Member of the Board.

According to Evelin Tsirk, Head of Tourism Office at Tallinn City Enterprise Department, Balloon Tallinn is a great example how innovative and creative thinking enables to create an exceptional tourism object: “It is the highest open-air platform in Tallinn center and the most northern attraction of its kind in the world, which is why Balloon Tallinn is an entirely unique flight attraction not only in Tallinn but in the whole world.”

In addition to Balloon Tallinn, three more projects were competing for Tourism Award of the year: Estonian stories hotel Solo Sokos Hotel Estonia, Tallinn Port’s new cruise pier and Tallinn Airport on-ground service operator AS Tallinn Airport GH.

Although Balloon Tallinn was supposed to fly until 28th September, until the end of summer season, the flying continues due to people’s great interest towards the attraction. “The flights will be made only during weekends, but the cold winter atmosphere makes flying so much more exciting: at an extremely cold weather, it is possible to admire the frozen Gulf of Finland or historic Tallinn old town,” said Luts. In order to make flying in the winter possible, a special “snow cap” will be placed on the top of the balloon, preventing snow accumulation at the top of the balloon and helping the snow to glide down.

The viewing platform i.e. the gondola of Balloon Tallinn filled with helium and anchored to the ground can accommodate up to 30 people and allows passengers to enjoy panoramic views from the height of 120 meters. In clear weather, the visibility from the Balloon Tallinn gondola will be over 40 kilometers. This is the highest open-air viewpoint in the Tallinn city center and the most northern attraction of its kind in the world. There are currently only 10 exactly the same type of balloons operating around the world, but all of them are situated to the South. Together with other manufacturers’ balloons there are only little over 20 similar balloons in operation in the world.

The manufacturer of the Balloon Tallinn, Lindstrand Technologies Ltd. (LTL) is the world leading creator and producer of the most advanced lighter-than-air airships and inflatable structures. The founder and the head of the company Per Lindstrand is a remarkable aeronautical engineer, pilot, pioneer and adventurer with world-wide recognition for his achievements in breaking through the boundaries of lighter-than-air technology. With designs certified in 48 countries and a perfect safety record, Lindstrand Technologies is the world’s most versatile manufacturer of aerostats, airships, gas balloons, tethered balloons and high-tech inflatable structures.