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PRESS RELEASE: Balloon Tallinn offers in the new season helicopter flights



April 29th, 2015

Balloon Tallinn offers in the new season helicopter flights

Balloon Tallinn, one of the most popular attractions among tourists and local citizens in Tallinn, starts a new season and in addition to helium balloon rides, also offers a chance to see the Old Town from the board of a helicopter.

The complex of Balloon Tallinn, located in the area of cruise ships’ pier of the Port of Tallinn, starts working in the summer mode on May 1st: the attraction, café with outdoor terrace and souvenir shop are open every day from 08:00 to 20:00. The flight schedule will be specified daily depending on the weather conditions.

“In addition to the opportunity to have a balloon ride and enjoy the panoramic view over the Old Town and the sea from the highest open outdoor platform in the city center, in the beginning season we also offer a unique opportunity to be a part of adventurous helicopter flights over the Old Town,” said Sigre Luts, member of the board of Lennulaev OÜ, Balloon Tallinn operating company.

Balloon Tallinn offers helicopter flights in collaboration with Summukas OÜ, who so far has provided the flights at the biggest fairs and events in different parts of Estonia. “Now we will have a fixed and unique place in Tallinn where people can enjoy helicopter flights without having to chase the opportunity at various events only,” Luts added.

The copter flights will be available to the local citizens and tourists from May 7th; the heliport is situated in the complex of Balloon Tallinn, next to the balloon. The flights will be performed by helicopter Robinson R44. Besides the pilot the copter carries maximum of 3 passengers at once.

“A helicopter flight significantly differs from a plane flight, and is a lot more intriguing. Helicopters open completely new kind of views over the city and the surroundings,” Luts noted. The flights will be organized by a schedule, which can be studied on Balloon Tallinn website at

For those, who are afraid of flying, Balloon Tallinn complex offers the chance to rent a two-wheeled balance-vehicle Segway to go sightseeing. The vehicles can be rented for city tours with and without a guide.

The flight attraction Balloon Tallinn was first opened in the previous summer and since the opening the balloon has performed 3000 flights. Balloon Tallinn is the northernmost attraction of its kind globally. In 2014 the attraction received from the city government a Tourist Award of the Year.

Balloon Tallinn is a gigantic helium filled balloon anchored to the ground. The viewing platform i.e. the gondola can accommodate up to 30 passengers and allows them to enjoy the panoramic views from the height of 120 meters. In clear weather, the radius of visibility from the Balloon Tallinn gondola is more than 40 kilometers. There are only 10 balloons exactly like this in use all over the world, all of them located to the south of Tallinn. With balloons of other manufacturers, there are just about 20 similar attractions in the world.

The manufacturer of the Balloon Tallinn, Lindstrand Technologies Ltd. is the world leading creator and producer of the most advanced lighter-than-air airships and inflatable structures. The founder and the head of the company Per Lindstrand is a remarkable aeronautical engineer, pilot, pioneer and adventurer with world-wide recognition for his achievements in breaking through the boundaries of lighter-than-air technology.