Fly with Joy!
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Balloon today
Not flying
Due to adverse weather conditions, the balloon is not flying today. Existing ticket holders please call to arrange another time.


We are closed.


Come and enjoy a safe and romantic ride with Balloon Tallinn!

With Balloon Tallinn you can experience the thrill and romance of ballooning right in the City of Tallinn, Port of Tallinn cruise area.  
Balloon Tallinn is filled with helium and tethered to the ground, the gondola can accommodate up to 30 people. However the real number of passengers for each ride depends on wind and other conditions influencing balloon operations.

The smooth ride takes passengers up to 120 metres (400 feet) in every 15 minutes and allows to enjoy incredible panoramic views of Tallinn and Gulf of Finland.

This is the highest open outdoor platform in the centre of Tallinn.

We have the rides daily from 8:00 a.m. until 8 p.m., if the weather allows.